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Our purpose and vision

To help people utilise the marine environment of Western Australia in the safest possible manner, by providing marine rescue services and promoting safety on the water.

Our mission statement

To provide leadership in the continual development and excellence of Volunteer Marine Rescue in Western Australia.

Our core values

We will provide leadership that is inspiring, motivating and relevant.

We will take a well-considered approach to ensure that the qualities and opportunities for volunteer marine rescue in Western Australia are continually enhanced.

We will act always with honesty, integrity, loyalty and fairness, recognising the importance of being open, and accept that we are accountable for our actions.

We aim to be world class in volunteer marine rescue with teams of skilled, effective and efficient volunteers and the best equipment.

We encourage and respect one another's views and recognise the contributions and efforts that are made.

How you can help

One of the biggest challenges we face is in raising awareness and educating the public in the principles of safe boating and survival at sea. Every dollar you contribute goes a long way to helping saving somebody’s life. Find out how you can help by making a donation

Without the selflessness and dedication of our volunteers, some 1,400 of them, many of our member groups could not perform the important work they do. Lend your support and help us make the waters safer. Find out how you can become a volunteer

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