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One of the biggest challenges we face is in raising funds to cover the operational costs of our member groups, many of which could not survive without the selflessness and dedication of our volunteers.


We understand that not everyone is in a position to volunteer their time in support of a good cause, but anything in the way of support is appreciated and could help save somebody's life.


Every dollar contributed goes a long way towards helping our organisation and member groups make WA waters a safer place for all to enjoy.


How to make a donation


There are two ways you can make a donation:


Direct deposit:


To: Volunteer Marine Rescue WA  INC

Bank: Commonwealth
BSB:066 107
Account number: 10210166




Please select the button below to be directed to Paypal:



You can make donations with PayPal.
A Paramedic is winched aboard a rescue vessel from the Wespac helcopter..

Thank you very much for your donation.

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