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Plan development

The development of the Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia (VMRWA) Strategic Plan was carried out in 2012 and will continue until 2027.

Strategic themes

Our groups

We will aim to provide proactive operational support to our member groups, through the provision of knowledge bases, guidelines, and templates. 


Our volunteers

We will focus attention on the recruitment, retention and the ongoing support of our volunteers as they give of their time, talent and energy.


Our governance

We will continue to strengthen our internal processes and procedures and develop programs and methodologies that can be utilised by our member groups.


Our image

We will aim to increase awareness within the local communities about the vital role Volunteer Marine Rescue plays and the importance of safety at sea.


Representation, partnerships and networks

We will continue to represent the needs of our members through research, lobbying and acting as an interface between our members, government departments and other agencies whose functions impact the operational requirements of our member groups.


Our community involvement

Wherever possible we will be involved with local communities in the promotion of boating and sea safety messages.

Download the plan

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