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About our new website

The new Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia (VMRWA) website provides marine rescue volunteers and VMRWA member groups with easy and increased access to emergency information, equipment, training and education.

We hope this new website will help all of our volunteers and member groups find the resources they need to continue providing the same great marine rescue services in support your local communities.

How to use the website

The new Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia (VMRWA) website is intended for use by the general public, anyone interested in volunteering and current members of VMRWA groups.

A number of special features, applications and resources intended for VMRWA members can be only accessed through our secure login area.

To sign in, visit our members info page and create an account

How to use the website

We are always looking for ways we can improve. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about how the website works, is structured or set up, let us know! Use our contact form to submit your feedback

Submit a site feature suggestion

We listen to our users and want you to share in the best experience possible. If you have a suggestion for a feature you think would be useful, we want to hear about it. Use our contact form to submit your site feature suggestion

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