Our Committee and primary focus

The Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia (VMRWA) Committee is made up of representatives from our member groups with Regional Commanders liaising directly with the groups in their geographic area.

The primary focus of our Committee is to provide a channel through which government organisations can communicate and engage with Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) groups.

Interdepartmental relationships

Our Committee works closely with:


This allows the Committee to:

  • Negotiate funding requirements, training programs, policies and procedures

  • Ensure incident management frameworks remain consistent and understood

  • Develop Australian standards for vessels, areas of operation, manning levels.

Structure and hierarchy

 VMRWA Committee structure and hierarchy flowchart

Committee personnel

VMRWA Commander

Jeff Howe

Email: Commander@vmrwa.org.au

VMRWA Vice Commander

Dan Goodlad

Email: ViceCommander@vmrwa.org.au


Barb Walton (Acting)

Email: Secretary@vmrwa.org.au


Barb Walton

Email: Treasurer@vmrwa.org.au

Training Development

Currently Unfilled

Email: TrainingDevelopment@vmrwa.org.au


Ian Beard

Email: Communications@vmrwa.org.au


Roger Martin

Email: Projects@vmrwa.org.au

Kimberley/Pilbara Regional Commander

Adam Harffey

Email:  KimberleyPilbaraRegion@vmrwa.org.au

North West Regional Commander

Greg Ridgley

Email: NorthWestRegion@vmrwa.org.au

Mid-West Regional Commander

Barry Kennewell

Email: MidWestRegion@vmrwa.org.au

Metropolitan Regional Commander

Bill White

Email: MetroRegion@vmrwa.org.au

South West Regional Commander

Currently Unfilled

Email: SouthWestRegion@vmrwa.org.au

South Coast Regional Commander

Alex Williams

Email: SouthCoastRegion@vmrwa.org.au

Great Southern Regional Commander

Currently Unfilled

Email: GreatSouthernRegion@vmrwa.org.au