Volunteer Marine Rescue WA Your link with life on the Water

There are over 1400 volunteers across 37 marine rescue groups located around the Western Australian Coastline from Esperance in the South to the East Kimberleys in the North.

These dedicated individuals are ready at a moments notice to come to the aid of mariners in trouble on the water.

VMRWA was formed to be the combined voice of the groups in helping to plan for the future needs of Marine Rescue in WA.

Fuel Excise Funding Proposal:
In order to help offset the cost of the new national regulatory regime the National Volunteer Marine Search and Rescue Committee (NVMSARC), which comprises the eight peak State and Territory based Volunteer Marine Rescue Organisations, has developed a proposal for the redistribution of a small proportion of the Fuel Excise Tax derived from the marine sector nationally to help fund volunteer marine rescue.

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