What does it mean to be a member of VMRWA?

The Objective of the Association is to assist its members and the appointed State and Federal authorities in the provision of services dedicated to marine rescue throughout Western Australia.

The Association does this by:
a. Promoting and raising the profile of Volunteer Marine Rescue in WA
b. Providing effective representation of its members at a State and Federal level.
c. Being a leader and driver of policy, best practice and professionalism.
d. Supporting its members in matters financial, operational and administrative.
e. Providing opportunities for professional development and training of its members
    and the Association.
f. Developing and maintaining strategic partnerships and networks with other
   organisations to enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise.
g. The education of the public in the principles of safe boating and survival at sea.

The Association makes provision for three types of members:

(a) Ordinary Members:

Ordinary Membership of the Association is open to any volunteer group whose activities and objects are aligned with the Associations activities and objects. The volunteer group must be an incorporated association under the Act and be prepared to abide by the constitution and rulings of the Association;

(a) Life Members:

Life Membership of the Association may be conferred as an honorarium upon individuals who have rendered long and meritorious service in the interest of the Association or extraordinary service above and beyond normal expectation for the benefit of the Association. Life membership is not conferred on any ordinary group. No voting rights are granted unless specifically stated within the minutes of the meeting where this membership was assigned.

(a) Other Members:

From time to time and at the discretion of the Association other membership classifications may be allowed; including but not limited to corporate, sponsorship, specialist and honorary members. No voting rights are granted unless specifically stated within the minutes of meeting where this membership was assigned.