Going Boating?

If you are intending boating along the coast of WA, the following items may be of interest and relevant to any trips out in the ocean that you may be planning. All the documents are in printable format. If there are other things that you would like information on, just let us know.

Send an email to communications@vmrwa.org.au

Radio Communications

Radio Comms Chart
Each of our Member Groups has a set of radio channels that they monitor for emergency purposes. The attached list provides details of 27MHz, VHF and HF radio frequencies being monitored around WA.

Log On/Off with VMR
Our VMR Groups are more than happy for you to log on with them when you are going out for a trip. The following information is a guide to the kind of information the groups will ask of you. Please don't forget to log off when you return home

Phonetic Alphabet / Radio Speak
Using the phonetic alphabet when communications are difficult and accuracy is important will assist you. We've also provided you with some radio terms and what they mean.

VHF Repeater Stations
Coastal VHF Repeaters at strategic locations significantly extend the range of VHF transmissions. A network of VHF repeaters is developing along the WA Coast. Here is a list of repeater channels and their location.
WA Weather Information
  • BOM

    Bureau of Meteriology Marine forecasts for WA via clickable map.

  • MetEye

    The New BOM forecasting tool for specific locations.

  • SeaBreeze

    Wind and wave specific site

  • WillyWeather

    Forecasts for wind, rain, swell, tides