Become a Volunteer

Members of Volunteer Marine Rescue groups play a vital role in helping to ensure that the community is a safe place in which to work, live and play.

Volunteer Marine Rescue groups work in close liaison with the WA Police Service, coordinating and performing search and rescue missions around Western Australia's inland waterways and at sea for the WA Community.

Members are volunteers who provide a commitment in time, knowledge and expertise in both operational and non-operationsal roles. They play a role anywhere from being a skipper or crew on a rescue vessel, manning a radio in the operations room, providing administrative support, to helping with hot drinks and sustenance during extended searches. There is a role for everyone.

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Boat crew

But What can I do?

The simple answer to that is - Become Involved.

Marine Rescue Volunteers undertake various roles according to their abilities and interests and what they are comfortable with.

The roles are diverse and can include:

. being part of a rescue crew on a rescue vessel, as skipper, radio operator, navigator or crew.

. being part of the operations centre during search and rescue incidents, as an incident coordinator, radio operator, charts and navigation expert, or logistics personnel.

. being involved in Training and development, either helping with the development of training programs, delivering training and/or assessing training activities.

. being involved in the administration of the group as part of the group management, as secretary, treasurer, fund raiser, and other support personnel.

Want to know more?

The best way to find out what's involved is to get in touch with your local Volunteer Marine Rescue Group and have a chat to them.

Are you aged between 13 and 17 and want to join?

Have a talk to your local group about our junior membership and cadets program.


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