Our Vision

To the best of our ability
we will help people to utilise
the marine environment of Western Australia,
in the safest possible manner,
through the provision of marine rescue services
and the promotion of safety on the water.

Our Mission

To Provide Leadership in the continual
Development and Excellence of
Volunter Marine Rescue
in Western Australia.

Our Core Values

We are Leaders. We will provide leadership that is inspiring, motivating and relevant.

We are Proactive. We will take a well-planned considered approach to ensure that the qualities and opportunities for volunteer marine rescue in Western Australia are continually enhanced.

We are Professional in our Dealings. We will act at all times with honesty, integrity, loyalty and fairness, recognising the importance of being open, and accept that we are accountable for our actions.

We strive for Excellence. We aim to be world class in volunteer marine rescue with teams of skilled, effective and efficient volunteers and the best equipment.

Recognition and Respect for all. We encourage and respect one another's views and recognise the contributions and efforts that are made.