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Volunteer Marine Rescue WA is the representative body for 37 of the Volunteer Marine Rescue groups that are located around the coast of Western Australia. Each individual group is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a volunteer service to the communities in which they reside. The groups wouldn't survive without the very talented and experienced volunteers that give generously of their time to rescue people in need.

To date there are over 1400 volunteers that provide Marine Rescue services across the State. The commitment of a volunteer to give of their time, often goes unrecognised. It's not just the rescue incidents; but the regular training programs in order to keep up to date with current best practices; assisting with the fundraising events to keep the groups going; and helping out other organisations by providing on water support for their events; just to name a few of the hours a volunteer gives.

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Our Committee

The VMRWA Committee is made up of representatives from our member groups. Our Regional Commanders liaise directly with the groups in their geographic area. This helps us identify the needs and concerns of the group and guage any feedback on proposals with a reasonably quick turnaround.

The main focus of the Committee is to provide an interface for the various government organisations that have dealings with Volunteer Marine Rescue. We work closely with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in dealing with funding requirements, training programs, policies and procedures. We work with the WA Police, as the Hazard Management Authority for Marine Rescue in Western Australia, to ensure the incident management framework is consistent and understood. We have also been working closely of late with AMSA as they develop the Australian standards for vessels, areas of operation, manning levels and training regimes that have been and continue to be implemented.

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